Hello World indeed

Well, i’ve actually entered the world of blogging, who’d of thought it. I’m going to try and keep an on line diary of my trip through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia & Kuala Lumpur. Leaving on the 17th Feb 2011 and returning on the 20th March 2011.

The vietnam visa was easy enough to get via the vietnamese embassy, cost £44 plus £8 P+P.I received it back within a week. The various jabs needed are almost complete. Thyphoid £25, Tetanus Diptheria & Polio £25. Hep A+B combined £64 each and you need 3 injections eek!!

I used to have lots of jabs before when i was doing the overland expeditions, so am well aware of the ouch factor. The Hep A+B is particularly painful if administered incorrectly. By incorrectly i mean shoved in your arm before warming the ampoule of inoculation to body temperature, thereby rendering the thick gel into a liquid. My first injection of it was taken straight from the fridge and into the arm. Rendering the arm really painful for a whole week, the muscle went solid, and trying to  do massages afterwards, i had to adopt a mind over matter technique to ignore the pain. The second one i made sure the nurse heated it up first and low and behold absolutely no pain. Still one more to go.

31/1/2011 The Flights and tour are all now paid for. We are using a Dutch company called Shoestring Travel, who i must say on the admin side are pretty, well what shall we call it.. Slow.. Lets hope the tour is has better organization.

Got the Travel insurance, surprisingly enough with Saga. They offered the best overall cover at the best price. I’ve dug out my old mossie net and stocked up on mossie repellent.

Well that it for my first blog, will update as i go along.

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