2 Days in Bangkok

Well, we managed to loose a day somewhere along the flight out. Took off on Thurs and landed on Sat. We got a taxi to our Hotel and was glad to have a rest since we didn’t sleep at all on the flight. First day we packed quite a lot in really. We took a taxi to the Suan Pakkad Palace, now a museum which actually used to be a former Kings residence. Apparently he was the first king to open his house to the public, essentially to show off his extensive archeological collections of bronze age artifacts, his collections of fossils and such like.

We caught the sky train to visit the Lamphini Park for lunch. However, after we did a complete curcuit of the park in the heat of the day it turned out to be totally devoid of food. By this time we were starving and getting weak, we managed to walk right past the underground station entrance for the train and had walked some way before we thought this can’t be right. Our consternation drew the attention of a lady Jahovahs Witness who came to our rescue, she advised us to take a bus and told us where to catch it. After saying our thanks a Tuck Tuck drove up and we thought blow it, we’re too exhausted and hungry to faff about waiting for buses so took the tuk tuk to the Golden Buddha Temple Wat Suthat, which i found to be very commercial if you wanted to see the whole temple it was one price but you could also opt to see just the Golden Buddha on the 4th floor for less money. After a quick photo opportunity we noticed what looked like the entrance to China town.

After consulting the map we decided to walk through China town in the direction of yet another temple Wat Tramit. We seemed to be walking for ever and never seeming to get any closer to out destination. We realized that the map didn’t really give a true measurment of distance so gave in and took another tuk tuk. Wow what an amazing Wat this one is. An oasis of calm in the midst of the city, a beautiful temple surrounded by a courtyard, surrounded by cloisters with a Buddha in each alcove, some dressed in the orange robes, some in gold, some black ones too. We went into the temple to observe the praying going on, slowly wending our way to the back of the Buddha so as not to get in peoples way. We had been warned that we must never touch a monk as its disrespectful, however as we marvelled over the frescoes and that a monk came towards us and struck up a conversation, told us he’d been to many cities in UK in his search for knowledge about other cultures. He was really funny joking all the time which we found surprising since they are suppose to be quiet. We headed back to the hotel where I had a fab massage while the others went for a drink. I met them later for some yummy food.
The following day we went for a short river boat tour telling us where things were and what to see. We thought it would come in handy for when we get back here in a few weeks. Arrived back to hotel in time for our collection to the airport. It was only a short flight to Chiang Rai, but followed by 2 hr drive to the hotel for the night.

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One Response to 2 Days in Bangkok

  1. Susie says:

    Sounds fab! WOW! Can’t wait to see some pics! Glad you found some tuk tuks, sounds a bit tiring on the ol’ pegs….lol!

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